Man detained for unlawful intelligence activities

Published 25 November 2022

A man has been detained by the Stockholm City Court on suspicion of gross unlawful intelligence activities against Sweden and gross unlawful intelligence activities against a foreign power. The investigation also concerns another person, who is suspected of being an accomplice to this.

The suspicions concern unlawful procurement of technology, where advanced technology is believed to have been transferred to Russia to be used for military purposes. In this case, another country (the USA) was also affected.

On Tuesday, 22 November 2022, the Swedish Security Service carried out an operation in the Stockholm area and arrested two individuals. Several house searches were carried out and a number of individuals were interrogated. Intense efforts are underway to process seized material and carry out further interrogations.

The investigation is being conducted by the Swedish Security Service and headed by a National Security Unit prosecutor. The investigation involves cooperating with other government agencies, both nationally and internationally.

The remit of the Swedish Security Service is to protect Sweden and our democracy. This involves, among other things, taking action against threats to national security.

“Sweden must not be used as a platform by foreign powers to carry out unlawful intelligence activities. The suspicions relate to gross crime. Hostile states stop at nothing to steal or gain access to expertise and advanced technology, says Daniel Stenling,” Head of Counter-Intelligence at the Swedish Security Service.

This case is not associated with any of our Service’s other ongoing cases.

Two individuals arrested for unlawful activities


 25 November 2022

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