Security situation worsens as the image of Sweden changes

Published 26 July 2023

Due to recent developments, the Swedish Security Service is now handling attack threats against Sweden and Swedish interests on an ongoing basis. The Swedish Security Service is working intensively to assess these threats and to safeguard Sweden.

The Swedish Security Service has earlier stated that manifestations where holy scriptures are desecrated, and the subsequent reactions, can have a threat-inducing effect. In our assessment, this course of events has worsened the security situation.

The actions carried out, and already ongoing disinformation campaigns, have affected Sweden’s image from that of being a country of tolerance to a country hostile to Islam and Muslims, a country where attacks against Muslims are sanctioned by the state, and where Muslim children can be kidnapped by social services. As a whole, this may increase the threat posed by individuals in the violent Islamist environment.

Just like in the beginning of 2023, the reactions against Sweden are intense and threatening, not least on social media and in other digital channels. The Swedish Security Service is processing attack threats against Sweden and Swedish interests abroad on an ongoing basis. These threats need to be assessed before they can be either addressed or ruled out.

The terrorist threat level in Sweden remains elevated: level three on a five-level scale. The assessment of the threat level is under continuous review, and the Swedish Security Service, together with other Swedish authorities, is now working intensively to safeguard Sweden.


 26 July 2023

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