Sweden subject to serious threats

Published 8 February 2023

Recent development with threats targeting Sweden and Swedish interests abroad are serious and have an impact on Sweden’s security. The Swedish Security Service notes an increased number of attack threats in the intelligence it processes.

The reactions to, among other things, the Quran-burning outside the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm in January have been considerable. Our Service has previously stated that this situation could have a threat-inducing effect, and assesses that the security situation has been negatively impacted. This should be considered in the light of the current deteriorated security situation around the world and recent events like disinformation campaign against the Swedish social services’ treatment of children under “LVU” (the Care of Young Persons Act), which has received international attention.

Our Service handles information on attack threats targeting Sweden and Swedish interests abroad on an ongoing basis in order to counter and prevent them. Following recent events, our Service has noted an increased number of attack threats in the intelligence it processes.

This development means that violent Islamist circles globally are currently focusing more on Sweden.

Our Service cooperates closely with both national and international partners in its work to protect national security, and assess the threat on an ongoing basis. The situation following recent events is concerning.

No changes have been made to the terrorist threat level; it remains elevated. The terrorist threat level is based on a long-term assessment, which means that if this development continues, the terrorist threat level could be raised.


 8 February 2023

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