The Swedish Security Service’s work against terrorism

Published 28 June 2022

Recently, Sweden’s work to counter terrorism and violent extremism has received international attention, not least because of Sweden’s application for NATO membership. The Swedish Security Service works continuously to counter terrorism and violent extremism.

The Swedish Security Service is tasked with preventing terrorist attacks. It is also tasked with preventing and averting other terrorist-related crime, such as financing, providing logistical support, and training and recruitment activities for the benefit of terrorism.

The motivation underlying terrorism and violent extremism could be political or religious. For the purposes of the remit of the Swedish Security Service, an individual’s ideological conviction is relevant if it results in terrorist-related crime. Our Service’s assessment and action depends on an individual’s intent and capability to commit terrorist-related crime, regardless of the individual’s organisational affiliation.

The work to counter terrorism is complex. It includes, for example, a continuous international exchange of information with our partner security and intelligence services.

Our Service cooperates with the security services of other countries in accordance with international conventions and treaties. Our Service adheres to the EU and UN classifications of terrorist-listed organisations and activities.

Our Service’s remit to prevent and avert terrorist crime is always carried out in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations.


 28 June 2022

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