Increased vigilance against influence attempts

Published 27 April 2022

The security situation in Europe has drastically deteriorated due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This affects Sweden’s security, but the situation is difficult to assess.

For several years now, the Swedish Security Service has stated that hostile states pose an elevated threat. Their attacks and activities target Sweden's economy, political decision-making, fundamental rights and freedoms as well as our territorial sovereignty.

The discussions on possible Swedish NATO membership is an important issue for Russia.

– Russia may think that they now have a limited time frame to influence Sweden’s decision on whether to join NATO. It is difficult to predict the nature of such a Russian influence attempt, but it could occur in many different ways simultaneously, so as to influence the media, public opinion and decision-makers, said Charlotte von Essen, Head of the Swedish Security Service, at a joint meeting with the heads of the Finnish and Norwegian security services on Wednesday, 27 April.

The Swedish Security Service has noted that Russia is prepared to go as far as to use military force and war to make other European countries act as they want them to. Sweden has to take this into account.

– Our Service has intensified efforts to reduce the scope of action of hostile states and strengthen the resilience of critical assets. We take measures, on an ongoing basis, to protect Sweden, and we work closely with others, both nationally and internationally, said Charlotte von Essen.


 27 April 2022

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