Importance of planning and cooperation

Dignitary protection relies, to a large extent, on the planning and
implementation of various protective measures. It could even be argued that the success of any dignitary protection operation depends on careful planning

Early cooperation between those involved therefore increases the chances that operations will run smoothly and, as a result, interfere as little as possible with the protectee and his or her work. It is also evident that extensive cooperation between us and local police authorities as well as with other security practitioners is crucial if we are to succeed in this task. When those we protect plan to travel abroad, this requires contacts with a number of authorities and organisations in the host country. We also work closely with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Royal Court. State visits to Sweden by foreign dignitaries are always planned and scheduled by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Responsibilities shared between the Police and the Security Service

There is a number of security measures for which the Security Service is responsible, while others fall under the responsibility of local police authorities.
The Security Service is responsible for:

  • making decisions on the overall structure of dignitary protection measures (close protection and site security
  • keeping in contact with the protectee and his/her representativeinforming relevant police
  • authorities about threats and risks, and the itinerary of the protecte
  • informing and instructing police officers involved in dignitary protection operations
  • providing technical protective measure, and
  • taking operational lead in close protection operations

Local police authorities are responsible for the provision of site security, i.e. monitoring sites and travel routes, providing police escort and certain aspects of protective surveillance. .