Dignitary Protection:
Protecting central government

The Security Service is responsible for the security of central
government and for dignitary protection following special decisions, for instance as regards the Royal Family. The Service is also responsible for security matters in connection with state visits and similar events.

The Service is responsible for making risk and threat assessments, and taking for the appropriate protective measures based on these assessments. To this end, we work closely with the Police, the Government Offices, the Parliament, the Royal Court, foreign embassies in Sweden and security services in other countries.

  • Central government
  • The central government consists of around 400 persons:
  • the Head of State
  • the Speaker
  • the Members of Parliament
  • the Prime Minister
  • the Government Ministers
  • the State Secretaries

To ensure that these people are safe, and feel safe, our customised security measures are continuously reviewed in relation to risks and threats in any given situation. Local police authorities across the country are responsible for protecting other individuals potentially under threat.

State visits and similar events

The Service is responsible for security arrangements in connection with state visits and similar events. State visits refer to the official visit by one head of state to another. What we refer to as similar events concern unofficial visits by foreign heads of state, and may also involve visits by dignitaries whose positions are comparable to that of the head of state or the spouse, cohabitee or children of the head of state, including speakers, heads of government, government ministers, leaders of political parties, representatives of international organisations and certain other dignitaries.

We also offer dignitary protection to foreign diplomatic representatives during their stay in Sweden. One of the main reasons for this is that Swedish legislation does not allow for ambassadors to bring armed close protection officers from their own countries into Sweden. However, under normal circumstances, only a limited number of foreign ambassadors are guarded by our close protection officers.