- countering terrorism is the responsibility of the Security Service

The Security Service is responsible for countering terrorism in Sweden. This means that we work to prevent terrorist attacks in Sweden and against Swedish interests abroad as well as the plotting or facilitation in Sweden of terrorist attacks abroad.

Due to the potentially very serious consequences of terrorist actions, our focus must be on intelligence work and preventative efforts, i.e. on preventing terrorist crimes from being carried out in the first place. Intelligence gathering and knowledge building are the cornerstones of this work. Our counter-terrorism efforts must involve government agencies and other stakeholders. Since terrorism is not constrained by local or national boundaries, intelligence work is dependent on cooperation with others, both nationally and internationally.

What is terrorism?

To be convicted of a terrorist offence, it must be proven that a person who committed an act that might seriously damage a country or an international organisation had the intent to:
1.    seriously intimidate a population or a group thereof,
2.    unduly compel a government or an international organisation to perform or abstain from performing an act, or
3.    seriously destabilise or destroy the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures of a country or an international organisation.