The Security Service employs around 1,000 people, most of whom are based in Stockholm. We also have staff at five regional units around Sweden. Just over half of our staff have police training, and work as close protection officers, investigators and surveillance officers. Several other professions are also represented, such as analysts, technicians, translators, economists, legal advisers, interpreters and administrators.

Anders Thornberg is Head of the Swedish Security Service. Johan Sjöö is Deputy Head of the Security Service.

We have a new organisation in place since 1 January 2010, which means that the Service is leaving traditional hierarchical management structures behind in favour of a process-based organisation. Staff are organised according to function. For instance, all analysts are placed with the analysis unit. Much of the work will be carried out in project form, in programme groups. Such a group can include analysts, desk officers, surveillance officers and others necessary for the project. Programme groups are headed by programme group leaders.

Department of Security Intelligence

The department engages in security intelligence work primarily aimed at providing the Service with a basis for making decisions on security measures.
Marianne Öst is Acting Head of the Department of Security Intelligence.

Department of Intelligence Collection

The department is mainly tasked with intelligence gathering through the organisational regional units South, West, Lower Central, Upper Central and North. The units are also tasked with giving information on protective security matters and with representing the Service in their geographical areas.
Johan Olsson is Head of the Department of Intelligence Collection.

Department of Security Measures

The department applies measures to reduce threats and vulnerabilities.
Kenneth Holm is Head of the Department of Security Measures.

Department for Central Support Functions

This department brings together all the Service's support processes.
Mattias Dejke is Head of the Department for Central Support Functions.

The executive staff

The executive staff is charged by the management to create opportunities for implementing the strategic vision that underpins the Security Service. To this end, the executive staff is responsible for preparing and forming strategic assessments to be delivered to the management. Christina Weihe is Head of the executive staff.