Formal charges brought against Stockholm terrorist suspect


The man detained on suspicion of having carried out the attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm last year has now been charged for crimes including terrorist offence and attempted terrorist offence. The trial is expected to begin shortly and to take place over the course of several months. The Swedish Security Service has assisted with the criminal investigation against the prosecuted man.

“We have carried out extensive intelligence work and gathered information on the suspected perpetrator’s contacts in connection with the attack. Our most important task was to prevent further attacks,” says Johan Olsson, Head of Operations at the Swedish Security Service.

The intelligence work has consisted of processing the information that has emerged during the investigation; from interrogations, seized material, tips received, data retention, and cooperation with other services.

“The intelligence work was divided into localising, identifying and assessing potential attackers and possible immediate threats. Contacts were localised and identified. The conclusion we could draw was that there were no immediate attack threats to Sweden linked to the attack on Drottninggatan,” says Johan Olsson.

Since then, the purpose of the work has been to assess whether there are any long-term terrorist threats to Sweden based on the suspected perpetrator’s contacts. The conclusion drawn is that there are no further threats to Sweden linked to this investigation.

“Our intelligence work continues based on the gathered information.  We cannot provide details on our ongoing work, as it could be exploited by our opponents. Intelligence work is a part of our international efforts, and this work is constantly ongoing,” says Johan Olsson.


On Friday 7 April 2017 at 14:53, a truck was driven into a crowd of people on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm. From an early stage, the Swedish Security Service handled the case as a completed terrorist attack. The suspected perpetrator, who has now been charged, was arrested shortly after the attack and has been in custody since then. After the attack, the Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police Authority jointly decided that the investigation would be handled by the Police. The investigation was led by Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Hans Ihrman.

The first point of indictment is for terrorist offence and attempted terrorist offence, or alternatively creating danger to another person. The second point of indictment is for creating danger to another person.  The trial will be held in the high-security room of the Stockholm City Court and is expected to last for several months.

About the police work following the terrorist attack on the Swedish Police Authority’s websiteexternal link

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