The Swedish Security Service's work in association with the Gothenburg Summit


Since the spring, the Service has been preparing for the EU Summit taking place in Gothenburg on 17 November 2017. These preparations are being carried out in cooperation with the Swedish Police and the Government Offices.

"We are working together to ensure that the Summit will be as safe and secure as possible," says Felix Andåker of the Swedish Security Service, who is in charge of the security work associated with the Summit.

The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will be hosting the EU Summit in Gothenburg together with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. Some thirty heads of state and government are expected to attend.

The Swedish Security Service is responsible for the overall design of the dignitary protection at the Summit, which means that we head the planning and coordination as well the implementation. This work is being carried out in close cooperation with the Swedish Police and the Government Offices.

"We are used to handling security arrangements for our protectees during large-scale visits by foreign dignitaries, and there are well-established procedures in place for this. The assessed sum of all the critical assets, or the criticality as a whole, is an important aspect to consider in our planning, and the level of protection we have in place must reflect this."

What are critical assets?

What are the critical assets of our society? In Sweden, critical assets include the democratic system, the ability to exercise public authority, sovereignty, and human rights and freedoms. For a fully-functioning democracy, certain information, people and places are necessary. These are our society's critical assets. The Swedish Security Service regards our national defence, MPs and certain premises as critical assets.