Continued intense work after the Stockholm attack


The Swedish Security Service is still working intensely due to yesterday's attack in Stockholm. The focus is now to investigate who is behind the attack and to make sure no more attacks occur.

The Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police are working closely together in this investigation in order to identify the individual/individuals behind the attack on Drottninggatan last Friday. It has been decided that the Swedish Police will lead the investigation as to guarantee that all the necessary resources are available.

As a result of the investigation, one individual has been arrested and remanded in custody suspected on probable grounds of a terrorist offence through murder. Simultaneously, the Swedish Security Service is still working in order to find any possible accomplices or networks involved in this attack.

Through investigation work, it has been established that this man does not appear in any current case handled by our Service. However, he has previously come to the attention of our Service within the framework of our intelligence work. Last year, the Swedish Security Service received some limited information on him. We followed up on this information, but it could not be confirmed.

Our focus is to identify the perpetrator/perpetrators behind this attack and to make sure no more attacks are carried out. The work is done on a very large basis and we are among other things gathering information from data storage and other sources as well as investigating tips received.