Attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm


The Swedish Security Service was alarmed at 2.55 pm on Friday that a truck had driven into a crowd in on Drottninggatan in the centre of Stockholm. There are several deaths and multiple casualties.

The Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police are working closely together in the investigation that now has started. The Swedish Police is leading the investigation concerning this attack. The investigation is headed by prosecutor Hans Ihrman.

In the afternoon today, the Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police held a press conference together, in which the Security Service Director General Anders Thornberg stated:

—This is a dark day and our thoughts go out to those affected by this attack. We are working closely together with the Swedish Police who will lead this investigation. We are now working intensely to collect intelligence in order to find the individual/individuals behind this attack.

The Swedish Security Service regards this as a special incident and is carrying out intense intelligence gathering in order to find out who the perpetrator(s) behind this attack is/are.

At a press conference this evening held by the Swedish Security Service and the Swedish Police, Johan Olsson, Chief of Operations at the Swedish Security Service, stated:

—Most important for the Swedish Security Service right now is to make sure that no more attacks will take place. We are working together with the Swedish Police to identify the person or persons behond the attack. Cooperation with national and international partners is key in this investigation.

The terrorist threat remains on level three of a five-level scale, which means an elevated threat. Within the scope of this threat level, a terrorist attack is possible.

This text is being updated continously.