The information received is currently under assessment


The Swedish Security Service (SAEPO) is currently assessing the information we have received. In our assessment, the nature of this information is such that it cannot be dismissed.

What action is SAEPO taking?

We are gathering intelligence and information and have taken necessary action. We are cooperating with partners, both in Sweden and abroad. For example, we are working with the Swedish Police by providing them with information so that they too can take necessary action. The Swedish Police have the overall responsibility for maintaining public order and safety.

What can be said about the information that is being assessed?

We receive this kind of information quite often in all our operational areas. Information of this kind may be vague but it is sometimes very concrete or specific. In our assessment, the nature of this particular information is such that it cannot be dismissed.

How should people react to this?

We are, as always, working closely with the Swedish Police and, as far as safety in public areas is concerned, we advise people to follow any instructions that may be issued by the police.

Does this change Sweden’s terrorist threat level?

At this time, the information is not assessed to change the terrorist threat level, which will therefore remain elevated (3).

SAEPO has set up a special response team (called stab in Swedish). What does that involve?

During a special incident, a special response team is set up. This team brings together key competencies and follows established procedures. The response team collects, processes and analyses information. It also makes decisions and allocates staff and resources.